Groups at Branches

We believe that living in community is one of the most important callings in Scriptures. Small Groups at Branches are our church and Sunday mornings are the gathering of those churches. We believe that growth, relationship, serving, and care primarily happen within and out of these groups. If you are not currently in a small group fellowship, we strongly encourage you to find one. Below is a list of a few of our current groups active during this season.

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Some of the Groups

First Appointment
First AppointmentFacilitated by Rich Roge
We are just some guys meeting on Monday mornings. For all you men that don’t have time to do small group, join us on Mondays from 6:30-7:30 am at Harbor House in Dana Point. Casual gathering open to men of any age interested in pressing on together in fellowship and digging into the Word. Start your week right, make this your First Appointment.
Women on Fire
Women on FireFacilitated by Marlyn Roge
We are a group of ladies who love God and each other and have room to grow in each area. If you want honesty and sincerity, we are your women. Currently, meeting times and locations change each month but we are committed to making this group a priority in our lives.
Starting Point
Starting PointFacilitated by Kim Duran
Starting Point is a book study that Branches offers in conjunction with Triads. This is a great way to get started if you are new in your faith or just getting back into the swing of things. In order to participate, you will be paired with two or three other people interested in forming a “Triad,” which is essentially a mini life group.