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Christmas Eve Podcast

We had a lovely and packed service at Zoomars and looked at the choices Matthew made as he wrote the genealogy of Christ.

Christmas Eve Podcast2013-12-25T19:04:49-08:00

Serve and Die

Join us as we look at how to serve in our community.

Serve and Die2013-10-24T14:05:16-08:00

Come and See

Invest & Invite is a personal effort. It means genuinely caring for those we are personally invested in who are outside the church and then being bold enough to risk the relationship by inviting them into an environment within our community of faith, our church. It takes energy and effort to build and invest in a relationship. It takes equal compassion and courage to share the most important thing you have to offer, a new life in Christ.

Come and See2017-05-08T10:58:05-08:00

Who We Ought to Be

First message in the Good and Beautiful Community Series

Who We Ought to Be2013-09-30T06:56:28-08:00

SoCal Parenting Conference

October 18-19th is our Parenting Conference.  The complete website is at www.SoCalParenting.com  Kent Kraning is the keynote speaker and has spoken at Branches in the past and Boogie is leading a break-out session on Children and Entitlement issues.  Space is limited and cheap childcare is only available to the first 100 kids to register today!

SoCal Parenting Conference2017-05-08T10:58:05-08:00

Simple Parenting

A Parenting Panel on how to raise your children

Simple Parenting2013-09-18T20:57:30-08:00

Children Shouldn’t Marry

Boog brings the word and looks at why marriage is something not for children, but something for adults.

Children Shouldn’t Marry2013-09-16T09:43:26-08:00